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Vivian Maier and the Photograph in the Age of Narcissism

On to my desk recently thudded a large book of self-portraits by the American street photographer Vivian Maier. Her story has been widely circulated since she was discovered several years ago but it’s one which deserves a repeat for anyone unfamiliar with it. Born in 1926 Maier lived out her life in obscurity, working as […]

London Bridge is Falling Down

Just a quick news note, first to say that I have two books in the Diffusion publishing fair in Cardiff, wish I could go because the fair sounds amazing. If you manage to make it drop me a line and let me know how it was. Also I’ve got a photograph on show for two […]


Had a nice weekend break to Bristol recently, a city I’ve meant to visit for years but never managed to make it to until now. It’s a pleasant mixture of things in a nice small package, liberally scattered with pubs and coffee shops, perfect for wandering around on cold days with a Rolleiflex.


Rollei XXVII

Rollei XXV

Some unseasonal pictures from the Rolleiflex for you, hope you had a nice non-demoninational gift day and bought lots of nice things like the TV said you should.

Rollei XXIV


Rollei XXIII

A few Rollei pictures. I’m currently putting together a low cost black and white photo book of the pictures I’ve taken over the year with this camera, details soon.

Rollei XXII

Rollei XXI