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Not the Death of Photography, Just a Rebirth

The end of the year always ushers in a period of introspection as people attempt to judge how well or badly used that time was, and how appreciably better or worse the world has become. This is no less true in the photography world, and the close of 2013 saw a number of posts and […]

New Work: Alpha-Beta

Before I kick things off with my usual mix of critical cynicism I thought I’d use the first proper post of 2014 to introduce a recently completed project of mine. Alpha-Beta is a photo-dictionary in the style of those picture books that are sometimes given to children to help them learn the alphabet.  I have […]

Review – Bending the Frame by Fred Ritchin

The digital revolution is heralding unprecedented change in virtually all industries. Perhaps not since the industrial revolution began over two centuries ago have we seen innovation that has been so rapid, transformative, and, in the eyes of some, so dangerously out of control. This is particularly true of this revolution’s effect on journalism, and photojournalism, […]

Review – The Prix Pictet Commissions: Munem Wasif, Ed Kashi, Chris Jordan and Simon Norfolk at Somerset House

Recently opened at Somerset House is a small exhibition displaying work from the last four Prix Pictet commissions, awarded to Munem Wasif, Ed Kashi, Chris Jordan, and Simon Norfolk.  The Prix Pictet, which is funded by the Swiss private bank Pictet & Cie, awards a commission roughly every eighteen months to one photographer in order […]

Eva Stenram: Discomforting Domesticity

Once something of a backwater populated by hoaxers, practical jokers and a few Dadaists, the borderlands between photography and collage are becoming ever more densely populated. One artist who resides here is Eva Stenram, who works with photographs that are appropriated and digitally reworked to resemble neutral, even domestic spaces, but which on closer inspection […]

‘Each Page a Victory’

‘Each page a victory, at whose expense the victory ball?’ From War Primer 3: Work Primer

‘Frederick the Great Triumphed’

‘Frederick the Great triumphed, in the Seven Years War’ From War Primer 3: Work Primer

‘The Drowning Men’

‘The drowning men still bellowed for their slaves’ From War Primer 3: Work Primer

‘Arcs of Triumph’

‘Imperial Rome is full of arcs of triumph, who reared them up?’ From War Primer 3: Work Primer Now available in book form

Open Source Self-Publishing

After what was initially a great response to my launch of War Primer 3: Work Primer last week I hit up against a bit of a wall. The project had at first spread reasonably far by word of mouth, with the book notching up two thousand views on Issuu in a day, pretty good going […]