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Twenty Minute Project

Term two of the MA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography is go! Having completed my Easter project and theory essay and survived the hand in procedure and the following drinking session it’s on to the next assignment. This time we had a guest tutor, Peter Fraser. Whereas last term’s assignments were quite prosaic and left […]

MA: Assignment – Journey II

Got some useful guidance from my tutor about my first week’s shooting for the journey assignment, he suggested focusing in on just one aspect of the road I was walking, and pointed out that lots of the photographs I have taken seemed to relate to nature and rubbish. I decided to primarily focus on the […]

MA: Assignment – Journey

Building on last week’s assignment, a three photo essay, this time we were sent off for two weeks to shoot a longer twelve photo story on the theme of ‘journey’. Funny how things reverse themselves, last week I had too few ideas, this time I felt like I had too many. Too many was just […]

MA: Assignment – Three Photo Story

This week’s assignment was to shoot a story in three photographs, caption them and write a 150 word introduction to them. What the story was and what sort of narrative we constructed around it was left pretty much up to us. Because of the Vietnam conference and more time than usual at work my shooting […]

Cult of the Conflict Photographer

I spent Friday and Saturday at a conference at the Imperial War Museum (IWM) listening to a variety of academics and journalists discussing the legacy of the Vietnam War. The topics were diverse, but one that came frustratingly close to surfacing but which didn’t quite make it into the open was the issue of the […]

MA: Assignment – Enviromental Portrait

This weeks assignment was environmental portraiture, the idea of which is to say something about your subject using the environment they are in. Here are a couple of faves from each one: Michael Craig-Martin (artist and teacher) Julie (ninety years old, walks on Hampstead heath more or less every day and has done for sixty […]

MA: Assignment – Formal Portrait

Another week, another assignment, this time formal portraits. Our tutor suggested this might be the hardest yet, at least in the sense that because everything is theoretically within our control during the shoot. I struggled with that, controlling myself and a camera is already too much, anyway here are a couple of favorites from each […]

MA: Assignment – Relationships

Our third assignment, and in my opinion the toughest yet, was to photograph three relationships between two people. After lots of failed attempts to organise shoots and work my way into interesting situations I ended up photographing several subjects rather close to home. My uncle and aunt who have a long distance relationship with their […]

MA: Assignment – Street

For our second assignment thirty LCC masters students were let loose on London with the brief to go and take some street photography style photos. I somewhat rashly decided to shoot it with my Rolleiflex, for several reasons I won’t go into here. I ended up shooting about nine films, or just over a hundred […]